Shelby for Plano

About Shelby

This is my community

Fifteen years ago, my wife, Mariya, and I chose Plano as our new home to start a family, just as have people from all around the world.  Plano is the City of Excellence, perennially ranked among America's best cities, safest cities, and best places to raise a family.  Our city's unique character and culture make Plano the shining star of North Texas, and I believe that's worth fighting to preserve.  It's for that reason that I'm running for Plano City Council.

I'm in the fight

We're slowly losing the character of our city.  We need smart growth as we pave the way for the future of Plano.  As the metroplex grows, the cherished character of our city is being eroded.  Plano taxpayers are being subject to ever-increasing taxes, year after year, under incredible assurances that taxes are being cut!  I won't stand by and watch while everything that makes Plano great slowly withers away.  As an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, I intend to provide responsible oversight for our great city.

Join me!

The people of Plano deserve transparent, accountable government.  I will strive to ensure every citizen's voice is heard, that the city provides the world-class services it's supposed to, and that the Plano City Council treats your money as YOURS!